Who We Are

Thinking Machine launched in 2019 to reimagine the IT Services and Telecom markets with a disruptive solution to optimize time and achieve savings. Our machine-learning platform, Thinking Machine, automates the most complex tasks of auditing, optimizing, and managing spend for Telecom services for medium to large enterprises.

❝ With an innovative delivery model that optimizes spend with integrated on-demand solutions for expense management and consolidated invoicing, we arm businesses with the information they need to secure and sustain savings using a digital platform. ❞

Our Story

Our mission is to
save you time.

When we save you time, we save you money. We give you peace of mind. We free up space for you to focus on other tasks and projects you could be doing to develop and improve your business. We give you back that 6pm dinner with your family that you could not have made it to in the past because you were drowning in manual auditing and reporting which are time-consuming and prone to human error and inconsistency of data.

One of the biggest problems in Enterprise Productivity today is connecting contracts through to expenses – that is, the written word of the contract that translates to the dollar amount of the expenses.

In fact, companies across the globe overspend just in the Telecom and IT services categories alone more than $0.5 trillion dollars per year[1] because it’s so difficult to make that connection and have a more consolidated view of what you spend. Can you imagine how much leakage can be piled up if you consider other major areas of the business?

[1] Gartner Market Databook, 2Q21 Update.

Whenever an attempt is made to review expenses against their contracts, or contracts against their expenses – what happens? A lot of time is spent tracking and figuring out where problems exist – problems that, by the way, existed long before the review started so it is already a sunk cost – and there are so many little problems compounded that there’s no guarantee they’ll be picked up in its entirety.

The result today is ill-equipped staff that lose huge amounts of time and have no guarantee that they even found the full savings potential.

That's What Inspired the Creation of Thinking Machine.

We have built an AI platform that helps companies save countless man-hours on what was originally spend on analyzing contracts and invoices and preparing complicated reports to achieve uncertain results.

Our platform does that review for you.  Now, to do this, we’ve made a number of innovations with our technology:

  • We made it possible to automate good-quality analytics dashboards created from PDF invoices – drag and drop invoices to the platform, get quality analytics dashboards.
  • We can connect analytics between contracts and invoices at scale.
  • We can automate detection of cost saving opportunities at an individual service level.

All of this generated for you in simple, easy-to-read reports that give you everything you need to get the job done.

In fact, we are the first company within the Expense Management industry to democratize cost savings – a fully on-demand, self-funded solution.

Today we are validating our technology in the Telecom and IT services market, which have some of the most complex contracts and are amongst the most widely used services in the world.  Our ultimate goal is to have this technology available for all forms of contracts and expenses.

So how does it work today?

All you have to do is upload your Telecom & IT contracts and invoices to our platform.

Why we're here

To meet the convergence of savings and expense management

Cost Savings

Only aim is to generate cost savings

Automated cost optimization assets to realize near-instant savings

Specialist AI technology interpreting complex data to feed assessments

Expense Management

Automated reports that save time in operational processes

Reports and analytics strictly created to meet customer requirements

AI works in the background to identify efficiency opportunities

Breakthrough Innovations

Patent-pending* technology for connecting analytics between contracts and invoices.

Document automation

Immediate creation of good quality analytics dashboards from PDF invoices – even 10,000 pages long.

Real-time cost analytics

Comparisons of contracts translated to their expenses.

AI-generated opportunities

Automated identification of cost saving opportunities at an individual service-level.

*Patent number 17/719,196

What each package offers

Expense Pro
Ultimate Bill

Cost Saving Functions

5-7x Typical ROI

  • Track under-utilized products and services
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Optimal product fit analysis
  • Embedded audit services
  • Track assets and data quality issues
  • Measure SLA and fault obligations

Expense Management Reports

Time Efficiencies

  • Service reporting
  • User management reporting
  • Financial cost allocation reporting
  • Financial reconciliations

Customized invoicing

New Capability Uplift

  • Invoice Consolidation Service
  • Integrates products, services, suppliers and projects in a single easy to interpret format
  • Clarity across many languages, regions and suppliers


TMS is an AI company that creates cost savings from Telecom expenses.


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