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Our AI platform helps IT Procurement smash their targets with fast results you put straight back in your pocket.

No platform integrations.
No time-consuming audits.
Consolidated invoicing across your business.

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Our specialist AI technology automates the process of consistently checking that your contracts align with your needs.

Risk Free

Continuous auditing and monitoring guarantees you are never spending more than you can be on existing contracts or new negotiations.

Internal Savings

Save 10-15% every month off your existing contracts by exposing hidden costs with detailed instructions to fully resolve them.


Gain a consolidated view of your services from every geography with more useful data connected from your contracts.

Value Leakage

Do you know how much you’re losing every day?

Checking that your contracts still makes sense against your invoices is so hard and time consuming, it gets left to the specialists to look at every couple years.

Current methods have no way of verifying completeness or accuracy.

Manual Audits

Manual audits are difficult. They start every couple years when the issues are too big to ignore. But by then you’ve already lost on the sunk cost before the audit began and start losing again as soon as the audit is done.

Trust Your Vendor

You may even pay for a dedicated manager from your vendors. Vendors struggle to deliver accurate bills because of the same information overload everyone else struggles with. You get a core service from them, they just don't have the ability to continually dig into those hard-to-reach areas.


Frequently Asked Questions

Manual audits have narrow scopes, making it difficult to validate quality, and not designed to monitor for new issues that invariably start accumulating again as soon as the audit is completed. Our platform is your permanent auditor, with more comprehensive and accurate results.

Cost optimization checks are a secondary feature of TEM platforms.
They’re first and foremost a reporting platform. They perform cost optimization checks manually and inconsistently. We would be a natural extension to your TEM solution to automatically deliver the benefits that managed services cannot provide.

Even when you pay for a dedicated managed service from your vendors, they have the same issue of overload information complexity that consultants and auditors crash into. They keep their focus narrow in order to deliver their service leaving many hidden expenses behind. They don’t talk to your other vendors, and probably won’t make it obvious when margins are built into their contracts! We consider your optimization and savings needs a number one priority, with no hidden agendas.

How it Works

AI technology makes sense of complicated documents
so you don't have to


You provide access to your bills, we manage everything else.

IT Procurement Manager
Sends itemized or detailed PDF invoices and bespoke contracts for Telecom and IT Data Centres
IT Systems Manager
Provides keys for your Azure, AWS, or GCP Billing APIs

Our AI platform automatically identifies savings opportunities for you from hidden expenses.

What we find for you:

Internal saving opportunities from existing contracts
Benchmarking data to support future negotiations


Our platform creates analytics dashboards for you - use it out-of-the-box or customize it to your needs

These analytics connect detailed data about your vendors, services, and products from any geography and language. This is your key for automating the creation of complicated report building, and achieving transformation in your global workflows.


Implement saving opportunities within your business, or we can help you do it.

Our platform provides you all the detailed information and context needed to empower internal teams to work together and implement opportunities.

We also offer managed customer success packages if you want a helping hand.


“We always knew we had problems, now we have
the context and the ammunition we need to go after them.”

Commercial Contract Manager, Scotia Gas Network


Telephones, Voice IP, Mobiles

Use AI to zero in on legacy sensors that can be safely switched off
Create centralized reports connecting all of your global vendors
Integrate audits into your employee mobile phone policies
De-bundle your services for optimal account pricing

Remove wasteful products
Match the optimal tariffs available within your existing contracts
Spot billing errors from your vendors and claim refunds

IT Data Centres

Use AI to audit your assets without physical attendence
Create centralized reports connecting all of your global vendors
Spot billing errors from your vendors and claim refunds
Monitor fault restoration targets with automated contract calculations
Integrate contract audits into technology roll-outs
Remove wasteful products


Monitor for inactive servers still billing high monthly costs
Create centralized reports connecting all of your global vendors
Integrate audits into your Cloud consumption policies
Case Study

Scotia Gas Network generates $150,000 of savings from their Telecom services with years left on the contracts.

Thinking Machine...

Together we will super-charge IT Procurement and
make it a model for everyone else to follow.

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TMS is an AI company that creates cost savings from Telecom expenses.


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