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AI created specifically to integrate your IT Telecom contracts and their expenses.
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Break down the barriers to achieving optimal cost savings

It’s now possible to gain best-in-class spend intelligence without data collection headaches, while automating identification of cost savings that can be immediately ‘put back in your pocket’.

Easily Accessible

No more dependency on integrations or platform implementations.

Immediate Savings

For every $1m of spend, we typically put $100k immediately back into your pocket.

Long Term Results

Accurate data that shapes massive long-term savings.

About TMS

Thinking Machine is here to Fix Billing Forever

Thinking Machine is changing how we think about expense management and contract management.

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A better way

A 'Savings First' solution
that works

No more depending on costly expense management platforms to generate cost savings. Thinking Machine flips the script. Now you gain savings first and only pay for the platform where its really needed.

Billing intelligence

Produces unified bills between interconnected billing structures and multiple organizations.

PDF invoices

Re-creates unified spend intelligence from detailed PDF invoices.

Contract insights

Consolidate analytics between invoices and contracts personalized to your organization.

Market knowledge

Re-creates complex pricing logic from supplier websites and T&Cs documents into simple forms.

Service Recommendations

Identifies unused and under utilized products & services and offers personalized recommendations.

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"Pay-As-You-Save" Immediate Cost Savings

Why Choose TMS?
A fraction of the price of competitors
Fastest path to significant savings
Quality data in easy-to-read reports
Long-term results

What makes us different?

Our AI technology extracts the best results with less time and effort.


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Introductory Offer

Immediate Cost Savings

See for yourself how our solution works over a 3-month period with no risk to you. If we don’t find savings, you don’t pay!


TMS is an AI company that creates cost savings from Telecom expenses.


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