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Richard Martin

CEO / Founder

My journey and inspiration for creating Thinking Machine.

After working on the telecom supply side of Enterprise contract management for over a decade at Telstra, the largest Telecom company in Australia, I learnt that being able to correctly interpret contracts and spot invoicing issues is a highly time consuming, expensive and specialist activity – costing vendors billions in missed revenue and costing buyers billions in over-charging. So much time was lost in trying to make this right.

At Telstra, I managed a global team of over a hundred contractors to implement an operating model for revenue assurance systems and achieved realized benefits of more than $20 million dollars for the company, but even though I searched far and wide for the best software solution to assist me on the task, I found most of the work had to be done manually, wasting valuable time that could be spent in improving other sectors of the business.

This was one area where technology had not caught up to yet. Even today, the latest software platforms are still being mostly process managed manually by specialists. As a data fanatic, I felt for many years the potential of smart data systems. That was the pull that inspired me to start Thinking Machine in 2019 with the dream to save companies time by fixing billing forever.

As a new breed of expense management focused on savings and consolidated billing, we created a special system with machine learning and AI technology dedicated to making complex contracts and billing reporting simple and accurate. With the best combination of human & data intelligence, Thinking Machine has a unique product that helps both buyers & suppliers:

  • Eliminate over-payments and under-payments on contracts and obtain savings,
  • Gain performance insights of how contracts turn into billed charges, and
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction for technology vendors with an accurate and effective billing system


With close to US$1M in funding by 2021, and experience working with invoices and contracts from 26 countries in 18 languages, Thinking Machine is rapidly becoming a must have solution for technology companies and enterprises with large annual spend on Telco, IT & Cloud services.

Together we will super-charge IT Procurement and
make it a model for everyone else to follow.

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TMS is an AI company that creates cost savings from Telecom expenses.


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