Strategic Cost Management for Complex Services: CTO Insights

The focus for enterprises on strategic cost management and contract value intelligence has never been more important. From mobile contracts and packages for your teams, through to the M2M communications between your machines, your organization is consuming technology services in one form or another. You are well aware of your growing need for these services, […]

How to Optimize Your Telecom Spend

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As a buyer, how do you prevent Contract Value Leakage in your complex Telecom Spend? Simple, Spend Analytics!  Telecom is increasingly a prominent feature in enterprise budgets. Annual spend on Telecom equates to an average 1-2% of enterprise revenue. Therefore, significant savings and efficiencies found in Telecom will make a significant impact on the bottom […]

Digital Procurement: What Is a Thinking Machine?

When we thought about our approach to enterprise data, telecom expense management, spend analytics and digital procurement, the name came quite naturally. Our corporate background was in a company with one of the most complex data warehouses in the world. Legacy data warehouses were built on top of one another, each with an initial scope […]