Comparing TEM and IT spend optimization platforms

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Technology Expense Management (TEM) and IT spend optimization platforms are both solutions that companies can use to manage and reduce their expenses. TEM platforms are a well-established solution category that for many years was the only solution capable of handling enterprise requirements, including invoice processing, contract management, and usage reporting. This reporting has helped companies […]

Why Technology Expense Management (TEM) needs a Thinking Machine

Telecom Expense Management (“TEM”) platforms are significant investments that help organizations streamline their finance and procurement processes for technology services. Do they deliver the most ROI you can generate from your technology services? The answer is no. TEM platforms are best equipped for providing company-wide reporting and centralizing key procurement functions. But they lack automation […]

Why is Technology Expense Management Complex?

Enterprise organizations have been striving to adopt wide ranging emerging technologies including technology expense management providers and telecom expense management software throughout recent history, meanwhile contract value management, contract value intelligence and enterprise spend analysis practices have also been gaining momentum. However, a growing problem exists, the complexity for enterprises to efficiently manage technology expenses […]


TMS is an AI company that creates cost savings from Telecom expenses.


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