The Training GAP in Procurement and How to Fix It

The importance of staff training for new technology In today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving business landscape, technology is crucial to the success of any organization. New software and tools are being developed and released every day, promising to streamline operations, increase productivity, and provide better customer experiences. However, the reality is that many companies invest […]

Comparing TEM and IT spend optimization platforms

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Technology Expense Management (TEM) and IT spend optimization platforms are both solutions that companies can use to manage and reduce their expenses. TEM platforms are a well-established solution category that for many years was the only solution capable of handling enterprise requirements, including invoice processing, contract management, and usage reporting. This reporting has helped companies […]

Benefits of Cost Optimization in IT

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Cost optimization is a critical aspect of modern business operations. It involves identifying ways to reduce costs while maintaining or improving performance. The demand for cost optimization is so pressing in companies that there are full service online platforms available today focusing solely on securing cost optimization in all sectors of the enterprise. They can […]


TMS is an AI company that creates cost savings from Telecom expenses.


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