How to Overcome Procurement Challenges? Use Spend Management Analytics

Gain control of your enterprise spend management through our defined use cases for digital procurement analytics.

“We were aware there was issues with our Telecom spend and we weren’t getting the total value from our supplier contacts, but we did not have a flow of good data and struggled to make sense of what data we did have enough to have any ammo to push our suppliers.”

Manage large supplier relationships more efficiently

Gain the most detailed fact-base of your services and supplier possible, providing you context of your complete spend, detailed audits of where your spend is incorrect, recommendations for added cost savings, with complete explanations of the data that will arm you to get results from your suppliers.

Optimize spend and reduce contract value leakage

Gain a single viewpoint of all your services, suppliers, contracts and invoices, providing you context of all your Technology & Telecom spend that will support you lowering your monthly bills right now, plus insights that will drive improved performance in your next supplier negotiation.

“Our Telecom services were too spread out across multiple different suppliers for us to get the best price.”

“Our budget only allows us to run Telecom invoice processing and contract management systems in our largest regions, so my other regions suffer from less quality management.”

A consistent single view of your spend management data

Achieve a consistent quality of excellence in how Telecom invoices and contracts are managed across your global offices, with a solution that matches best-in-class quality with price.

Accurate insights and spend analytics

Get more useful insights from your existing data that will help inform better management processes, giving you a similar savings with a much lower investment.

“We have a large remote workforce with a large asset pool of remote devices, keeping on top of whether they are being used by the right people and in line with our policies is a challenge. We’ve looked at other market solutions that seem to do what we need, but are very expensive and would probably negate any savings we’d receive.”


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