Thinking Machine Enterprise

You no longer need to invest in an expensive platform to generate cost savings.

PDF pages

All this achieved by extracting data from huge volumes of PDF documents.

Cost Savings

You can count on Thinking Machine to put money immediately back in your pocket.


Works well across any language – from Portuguese to Chinese.



Created unified spend intelligence between global regions.

TMS Solution

Thinking Machine is a new breed of AI solution.

It creates new options for cost savings that were not possible before. Thinking Machine uses a unique system that does what no other can:

  • Re-creates PDF invoices (even 100k pages), into a full billing analytics environment
  • Creates a personalized contract profile based on every line of text from your contract documents
  • Re-creates billing and pricing rules from supplier websites and T&Cs document
Right for you

Cost Savings and Expense Management

What's the difference ?

Cost Savings

Only purpose is to optimize or reduce your expenses.

The AI solves vast technical challenges of document extraction and interpreting meaning between lots of detailed topics.

For every $1m of Telco spend, we put $100k immediately "back into your pocket", with an extra $350k of potential savings over longer-term initatives.

Expense Management

Primary purpose is to support operations in Finance & IT by creating reports matching your requirements.

Indirectly supports cost savings by running AI recommendations over your reports.

Result is a digitized expense management function that improves the quality of your operations.

How it works

You send us your IT Telecom Invoices
and Negotiated Contracts

Here's what you get

Cost Savings

Unused products & services

Identify where chargeable services are under-utilized with personalized recommendations of how to fix it.

Benchmarking analysis

Understand at a line-item level which proposals are going to cost you the most.

Price optimization

Match the best possible pricing for your organisation’s service needs, with reports given in context of your existing contracts.

Contract-to-bill audit

Find out exactly where your supplier has over-charged you, with complete evidence provided to ensure the largest refund possible.

Asset data quality audit

Validate which of your assets are being incorrectly charged, with quality analytics that makes sense of convoluted historical data.

SLA & Fault audit

Find out if you are owed rebates for faults not being resolved in their agreed timeframes.

Expense Management

Service reporting

Track where each of your services are between departments, global offices, network locations.

User management reporting

Monitor that each of your employees are eligible to be using your services and that their contracts are configured correctly.

Cost allocation reporting

Allocate your spend into its appropriate financial ledger quickly and accurately.

Financial reconciliations

Validate that past spend has been allocated correctly and create shadow ledgers.

Custom Invoicing

Recreate customized bills from any number of IT and Telecom suppliers around the world, with each line item mapped to the appropriate owner in your business. Reports are paired with unified analytics, where you can explore products, users, and contracts against each of your services.

Case Study

Scotia Gas Network gains a single view of all IT suppliers and $160k of immediate savings

After a multi-year technology migration, SGN did not know where it was spending money and suspected they were over-paying.

Thinking Machine created a single view of IT suppliers across 13 key suppliers and 420 PDF invoices.

Auditing every aspect of spend, $160k was immediately claimable coming from a variety of sources:

  • Overcharging from suppliers
  • Old, once critical assets no longer needed
  • Employee devices being used out of policies
  • Optimizing cost effectiveness of supplier policies


Each of these areas had been reviewed at some point before, but Thinking Machine was able to interrogate data at a greater level of detail yielding more savings than first thought.

SGN now uses Thinking Machine for regular cost saving analysis as well as expense reporting to help their project and IT teams track changes quickly.

20 Years Experience

Case Study

An Australian airline resolves $6m of "unsolveable" billing issues in under 3 months

A leading Australian airline had enough of accumulating unpaid bills due to constant incorrect charging.

Every year, a handshake agreement was made with their supplier’s commercial team to waive large sums, but no-one could ever say what was actually correct or not.

Despite other contract management systems attempting to help by flagging enormous volumes of potential issues, matters only grew worse as the flagged issues were largely inaccurate.

Thinking Machine created a mapping of their contract profiles, policies followed by their supplier, and which of the supplier’s internal departments handled different issues.

In weeks, every charge was accurately tagged as correct or incorrect, and supported the supplier to make the necessary updates by sending the right data to the right teams.

Introductory Offer

Immediate Cost Savings

See for yourself how our solution works over a 3-month period with no risk to you. If we don’t find savings, you don’t pay!


TMS is an AI company that creates cost savings from Telecom expenses.


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