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One source-of-record to understand Price & Demand of technology services.

Thinking Machine AI tackles the complexity of Technology spend and rolls it up into actionable evidence.

Imagine a detailed roadmap for Procurement & Finance. With our platform, you won't just see numbers and data – you'll understand their relevance. Dive deep into the specifics of invoices, contracts, and orders, and then connect these details to your overarching financial objectives.

We can help with all areas of technology: Telecom, Software, IT Hardware, and Professional Services.

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Unlock information locked in documents, spreadsheets.

Our patent-pending technology extracts the complete data locked in documents. Any format quality, any language. Just drop into a Sharepoint and we take care of the rest.

Optimize spend without manual effort.

Our AI knows how to link your data into a single source-of-record, making it possible to find new types of cost optimization opportunities while making the old processes more efficient.

Manage complex suppliers with ease.

When you own the complexities of price and demand, you are in the drivers seat with your supplier. You consistently achieve greater savings by knowing what the real issues are.

Working around the world

Value Leakage

Despite best efforts, organizations over-spend on Technology services.

Contract Negotiations

Average premium built into contracts due to insufficient data about what the customer actually needs from the vendor


Post-Contract Leakage

Opportunities to optimize spend within the parameters of existing contracts are left on the table.


Billing Mistakes

Billing errors, over-charging, service redundancy and missed refund opportunities


How it works

STEP 1) Upload your documents

Our platform manages the accurate extraction of data from your PDF invoices and contracts and merges that data into our AI layer.

Works in almost every language, supplier, and geographic region

STEP 2) Receive your summary report

You get a report highlighting your saving opportunities and a taster of the business insights and consolidated analytics you can receive on the full platform.

Provides the key inputs to your business case

Step 3) Launch the full platform

Receive personalized guidance to action and track opportunities every step of the way. Gain access to a centralized view of the data and insights our platform has connected from your contracts and invoices all over the world.

"I’ve spent days stitching together reports and gotten nowhere near the level of detail I have now"
- Contracts Manager, Telstra Corp.

It’s results without the risk

Because the platform presents to you detailed information, works from just PDF invoices, and comes with a basic ROI guarantee, you can generate best-in-class results without security headaches or uncertain outcomes.


Scotia Gas Network generates $150,000 of savings from their Telecom services with years left on the contracts.

Thinking Machine...

Finding cost savings is urgent.

Thinking Machine helps you identify significant savings fast so you focus on other priorities.


TMS is an AI company that creates cost savings from Telecom expenses.


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