Generate savings from the hardest-to-reach areas of your IT & Telecom contracts

AI software that integrates contracts with their invoices and provides you opportunities for immediate savings

Worry-free for IT

Worry not about IT needing to sign off on security integrations. Our patented system offers full functionality off PDF documents in any language from any supplier at any size document (we commonly see invoices of 100,000 pages long).

This is not the same as your existing suppliers.

We are the only solution capable of analyzing the hardest parts of your contracts and invoices at scale. Your other suppliers will always struggle to efficiently analyse the same data and will focus on their core service to you. We are the essential solution for achieving 10-15% greater savings from your existing contracts.

Quick automated creation of documents

Immediate creation of dashboards from PDF invoices – no matter the size.

Save time, money, and avoid hassles

Real-time cost analytics compares contracts translated to their expenses.

Lightning fast AI that shows results

Automated identification of cost saving opportunities at an individual service-level.

How does this work?


Instant quote generation based on your spend profile of suppliers and geographic locations.


Provide contracts and invoices and receive a cost savings summary report, demonstrating your cost saving potential at a summary level.

Activate Thinking Machine

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Not just cost savings

Save your team huge amounts of time from creating complex reports.

Your team spends so much time cobbling together data and validating the accuracy of the output. Now they can pull direct responses to questions and generate reports in seconds – imagine how much faster you can make informed strategic decisions.

What can you expect from
Thinking Machine?

Try it now

Prove it works to yourself and your board with a report highlighting where your cost savings potential is. You provide us 3 to 12 months of past invoices and any negotiated contracts you may have and we will provide you a summary report you can use to align everyone on the benefits.

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TMS is an AI company that creates cost savings from Telecom expenses.


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