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Generate lasting value for your clients with greater efficiency and scope than ever before.
Spend intelligence

from PDF documents

Telco Machine re-creates detailed PDF invoices into spend intelligence data models for you.

Cost Savings

Typical savings identification. Savings claimable within scope of existing contracts.

sourcing intelligence

Receive the data inputs required to inform sourcing initiatives unified between offices, networks, and languages.
TMS Solution

Telco Machine is a new breed of AI solution that consolidates analytics between contracts and bills.

It creates new options for cost savings that were not possible before. Telco Machine uses a unique system that does what no other can:

  • Re-creates PDF invoices (even 100k pages), into a full billing analytics environment
  • Creates a personalized contract profile based on every line of text from your contract documents
  • Re-creates billing and pricing rules from supplier websites and T&Cs document
Right for you

Use it to improve your own capability or
re-sell to your clients

Which is right for you?


Introduce a permanent cost saving function for your client.

Introduce best-in-class expense management reporting.

Easy-to-prove software removes risk.

Capability Uplift

No more worry about receiving quality datasets for analytics from IT & Telecom invoices.

Receive intelligent recommendations for savings.

Gather relevant, quality data to develop long-term sourcing initiatives.

How it works

You send us your IT Telecom Invoices
and Negotiated Contracts

Here's what you get

Capability Uplift

Spend Intelligence

You can query a complete dataset modelled by Products, Services, Suppliers, Users and more.

Intelligent savings recommendations

Everything from our cost savings module made available to you.

Sourcing intelligence

Whether it's negotiating a new deal or migrating telephony to the cloud, you'll find the data inputs required to model the initiative.

20 Years Experience

Case Study

Simfoni uses Telco Machine to unify Telco bills between 460 PDF invoices, 26 global offices and 12 different languages and identify $150k of savings

Simfoni were rolling out a spend intelligence database for a leading UK manufacturer. Telco remained a highly complex category requiring the support of a Consultancy specialized in Telecom to manage the data and identify savings opportunities.

The end client has offices around the world each using different suppliers with no central data repository. PDF invoices were all that could be provided, further complicated by the fact there were 460 of them with 12 different languages contained. The end client expected savings to be identified, qualified, and delivered within 60 days.

Telco Machine was used to automate data analytics, end-to-end:

  • Extracted the data from all invoices and languages
  • Merged the data into a unified spend intelligence database
  • Introduced a common taxonomy to report on Products, Services, and Users
  • Identified immediately claimable savings of $150k

The Consultancy was able to manage the relationship with each global office and implement the savings opportunities quickly and with confidence.

The data intelligence generated also shaped the conversation around how to simplify the number of suppliers used while migrating their telephony to a Unified Comms solution, by matching the end clients service data against a database of Unified Comms pricing.

Save time. Save money.

Let's make your complex problem, Simple.

Find out what works best for your business.


TMS is an AI company that creates cost savings from Telecom expenses.


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