Integrate your contracts and invoices at scale

Save time and money using our machine-learning platform that automates that most complex tasks

More than just cost savings

We don't just deliver cost savings, we deliver data insights and reporting to save your team lots of time.

Secure, easy, and fast technology that just works

Thinking Machine exists at the intersection of cost saving and expense management.

With an innovative delivery model that optimizes spend with integrated on-demand solutions for expense management and consolidated invoicing, we arm businesses with the information they need to secure and sustain savings using a digital platform.

Quick automated creation of documents

Immediate creation of dashboards from PDF invoices – no matter the size.

Save time, money, and avoid hassles

Real-time cost analytics compares contracts translated to their expenses.

Lightning fast AI that shows results

Automated identification of cost saving opportunities at an individual service-level.

How does this work?


Instant quote generation based on your spend profile of suppliers and geographic locations.


Provide contracts and invoices and receive a cost savings summary report, demonstrating your cost saving potential at a summary level.

Activate Thinking Machine

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Gain more,
Do less

Take control of your expenses & billings using platform that produces fast AI-generated opportunities wherever you are.

Our technology doesn’t replace anything, it’s an application that complements your existing suppliers. We’re here to automate the tough reviews that fall outside the core essential service your suppliers give.

Let the results speaks for themselves

If you're interested we can run a free proof-of-concept for you where you provide us a sample of your invoices and contracts, and we'll prepare a summary report to highlight where your saving opportunities are.

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TMS is an AI company that creates cost savings from Telecom expenses.


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