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                         Pricing is calculated as a percentage of your annual spend. We guarantee a positive ROI or your money back!

Starting at $10,000


Uncover immediate savings with a once-off review.

This is for you if need to prove the concept or are just in need of tactical quick wins.
Starting at $15,000 / yr


Optimize your team’s performance with our SaaS platform.

This is for established teams who want to smash their annual targets.
Starting at $17,500 / yr


Let us manage your IT spend & performance all over the world.

We’ll consolidate the thousands of annual invoices into one statement for you.


Continuous cost saving
audits and monitoring
Starting at


per year

Expense Pro

Modern expense management reporting
Starting at


per year
Everything in Essential, plus Expense Management Reporting:

Ultimate Bill

Transformative analytics
Starting at


per year
Cost Savings, Expense Management plus:

Frequently Asked Questions

The Essential package is the right one for you – it’s only purpose is to generate you cost savings on a continuous basis. For the same cost as a regular audit, you will get a continuous audit service that will guarantee you are never over-spending on your existing contracts and have the leverage needed to negotiate cheaper new contracts. It is a natural extension to your TEM solution.

You don’t realize just how much money you are losing without a continuous audit function. Telecom, IT & Cloud are continually being used so services that are in order today may not be tomorrow. Thinking Machine guarantees that you are never over-paying, while also giving you the data needed to fuel future negotiations and transformation programs.

No, we charge a single flat fee calculated as a percentage of the annual spend our platform analyzes. This puts more savings back in your pocket while the platform continually checks for new savings every month.

Vendors typically have online billing platforms you can download the right detail from. As part of onboarding, we help convey simple instructions to your vendor managers all over the world. If you like, we can do it on your behalf.

Even when you pay for a dedicated managed service from your vendors, they have the same issue of overload information complexity that consultants and auditors crash into. They keep their focus narrow in order to deliver their service leaving many hidden expenses behind. They don’t talk to your other vendors, and probably won’t make it obvious when margins are built into their contracts! We consider your optimization and savings needs a number one priority, with no hidden agendas.

Together we will super-charge IT Procurement and
make it a model for everyone else to follow.

Ready to transform your business?

Uncover your savings potential

Start saving in under a week from your technology services - wherever they are in the world and at any stage in the contract lifecycle.

Using our patented AI platform, we extract data from your contracts and invoices and automate analytics covering over 20 themes of cost saving opportunities.

Any other questions, just ask me!

Richard Martin


TMS is an AI company that creates cost savings from Telecom expenses.


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