Designed for the Enterprise With More Than $1 Million in Telecom & It Spend

Save Money In 30 Days
Without Complicated Audits

Thinking Machine is an AI platform offering IT Procurement leaders a viable alternative to manual audits for those who are looking for immediate, comprehensive, and continuous cost savings from their Telecom, IT Data Centre, and Cloud Server spend.

Start generating savings now. You save money by keeping your existing vendors and save time from countless hours of reporting.

Fast and easy to run

Our patent-pending technology extracts detailed data from your very large PDFs and merges that data into our AI software. No IT headaches from systems integration. Very fast results.

Recently ran an audit?

AI promises comprehensive and complete checks from hard-to-reach areas. You generate new opportunities and help squeeze out more from your known opportunities.

Huge savings without negotiations

The largest opportunities comes from efficient management of your services. For every $1m in spend, you can save an extra $120k with the insights and opportunities our AI generates for you.

Enterprises that love Thinking Machine

“We always knew we had problems, now we have the context and the ammunition we need to go after them.”

Commercial Contract Manager

Value Leakage

Do you know how much you’re losing every day?

Checking that your contracts still makes sense against your invoices is so hard and time consuming, it gets left to the specialists to look at every couple years. Current methods have no way of verifying completeness or accuracy.

Manual Audits

Manual audits are difficult. They start every couple years when the issues are too big to ignore. But by then you’ve already lost on the sunk cost before the audit began and start losing again as soon as the audit is done.

Trust Your Vendor

You may even pay for a dedicated manager from your vendors. Vendors struggle to deliver accurate bills because of the same information overload everyone else struggles with. You get a core service from them, they just don't have the ability to continually dig into those hard-to-reach areas.

We help you make the business case quickly. Within 24 hours, we'll provide you an estimate of your savings potential. Within 4 weeks, you will receive a personalized report summarizing the real opportunities to go after.

Short QA

STEP 1) Short Q&A

Answer a short questionnaire and we'll provide back an estimate of your savings potential and fees.

STEP 2) Upload your documents

Our platform manages the accurate extraction of data from your PDF invoices and contracts and merges that data into our AI layer.

Works in almost every language, supplier, and geographic region.
We can contact your vendors for you, if you prefer.

STEP 3) Receive your summary report

You get a report summarizing the real saving opportunities and a taster of the business insights and consolidated analytics you will receive on the full platform.

Provides the key inputs to your business case.

Step 4) Launch the full platform

Receive personalized guidance to execute and track opportunities every step of the way. Gain access to a centralized view of the data and insights our platform has connected from your contracts and invoices all over the world.

"I’ve spent days stitching together reports and gotten nowhere near the level of detail I have now"
- Contracts Manager, Telstra Corp.

It’s results without the risk

Because the platform presents to you detailed information, works from just PDF invoices, and comes with a basic ROI guarantee, you can generate best-in-class results without security headaches or uncertain outcomes.


Scotia Gas Network generates $150,000 of savings from their Telecom services with years left on the contracts.

Thinking Machine...

Finding cost savings is urgent.

Thinking Machine helps you identify significant savings fast so you focus on other priorities.

Uncover your savings potential

Start saving in under a week from your technology services - wherever they are in the world and at any stage in the contract lifecycle.

Using our patented AI platform, we extract data from your contracts and invoices and automate analytics covering over 20 themes of cost saving opportunities.

Any other questions, just ask me!

Richard Martin


TMS is an AI company that creates cost savings from Telecom expenses.


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